How to Fix the Establishing Database Connection Error in WordPress

Sometimes, WordPress websites fail to communicate with the Database of your server. This can lead to your entire website going down. So, you will have to perform an immediate action to resolve it. You can easily do this by checking your Database Login Credentials or any File and Database Corruptions.
Elementor 2.0 Theme Builder

Elementor Theme Builder- Dynamic Content

How great is Elementor 2.0 Theme Builder? We all know the answer. It redefines the way you build websites with Elementor. However, this blog is not about praising Elementor. In this blog, you will see how you can use Dynamic Content. Dynamic Content First, lets visualize the difference between Static and Dynamic Content. In case […]
Create Call to Action Buttons for WordPress​

How to Effectively Use Call To Action Buttons for WordPress

How often do you sign up for new things online? Now think for a second, what makes you sign up for new things? You don’t need a second opinion when signing up for something you know you truly need. But when it comes to random signups, chances are it happens due to an effective Call […]