How To Show Sales Notification On WordPress Sites For FREE & Improve Conversion Rates

Are you planning to drive more sales for your business? Then you should definitely implement the FOMO marketing technique on your website. It’s a very popular & trending way to make your visitors complete the purchase process. With the introduction of NotificationX, you can now effortlessly show Sales Notification for your WordPress Sites for Free & improve the conversion rates.

Sales Notification

Significance of Showing Sales Notification on Your Website

Are you familiar with the term ‘FOMO’? Well, it is short for ‘Fear of Missing Out’. That might give you a bit of an idea about what it means. Basically, It is a marketing technique which is used to create urgency among users regarding a product or a service. So, your visitors would show interest to purchase from you. This is why it is very important to implement this fascinating marketing strategy on your website and improve your conversion rate.

By using ‘FOMO’ technique, you can prompt anxiety among your website visitors for subscription, discount offers or special services. Suppose, if you display a ‘Subscription’ notification popup while mentioning who has signed up for the newsletter, that would certainly create a sense of urgency among people. S0, they would begin to regret about missing out on something exciting. As a result, those users would end up subscribing your newsletter to not feel left behind.

The same applies to the Sales Notification as well. By adding social proof, your website would automatically become a lot credible to your visitors. By showing who has bought your product, it massively helps you instantly win the user’s trust. They are more likely to take action because of their innate fear of missing out. As a result, people end up purchasing the product and increases your conversion rates.

There are not many Plugins available if you are searching for a way to implement this magnificent FOMO marketing technique on your WordPress website. Some of them are either premium Plugins or not much reliable. However, with the help of NotificationX, you can now display captivating notification popups on your site without any efforts. And the best part is, you can do it for absolutely Free.

Now, let’s guide you through how you can easily display Sales Notification on your WordPress website by using NotificationX in just a few steps.

How You Can Show Sales Notification on Your WordPress Website

The first thing you will be required to do is to install & activate NoficiationX plugin. After you are done with the initial steps, you need to configure the settings and customize the Notification popup as per your wish.

Smooth Configuration Procedure

To create a ‘Sales Notification’ popup, you will need to go to your WordPress Dashboard. Afterward, navigate to wp-admin -> NotificationX. There are two ways you can display an amazing sales alert. You can either use the ‘Quick Builder’ or the default ‘NotificationX Builder’. Since the later one has much more customization options, we will be showing this option for the purpose of this tutorial.

There are Five different tabs available from which you can pick your preferred options. From the ‘Source’ tab, you will have to choose ‘Sales Notification’ as your Notification Type. Based on the e-commerce plugin you are using, you can select either WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

Sales Notification

The ‘Design’ tab gives you the freedom to pick a Theme for the Sales Notification that you are building. Simply just choose your preferred template and you would be good to go. If you wish to, you can even add more styling to it as well. The ‘Advanced Design’ option allows you to change the colors of the whole layout. You can even modify the ‘Image Appearance’ and ‘Typography’ as well.

Sales Notification

Flexibility to Customize Sales Notification Alert

After you are done with the previous step, you will be provided with a ‘Notification Template’. From the ‘Content’ tab, you will have the freedom to add your own texts which will then be shown as a Sales Notification. Besides, you can even add a link to redirect the users from it as well. The best part is that you have the freedom to display notification alerts based on certain products. If you want, you can even exclude specific products as well.

Sales Notification

If the users who have purchased your product doesn’t have any avatar, you will have the capability to set a ‘Default Image’ for them. You can also decide to show the Product Image in the popup. On the other hand, you will have full control over where and when you want the Sales Notification to appear on your website.

Now, let’s switch to ‘Customize’ Tab which allows you to set the Position of the notification alert. After the first popup is shown, you can control after how long the next one will appear from the ‘Timing’ section. On top of that, you will have the freedom to define the number of recent conversions which will be considered for the Sales Notification. Once done, simply click on ‘Publish’ button and it will go Live.

Sales Notification

Expected Outcome

After you have finished configuring all these steps above, this is how your Sales Notification will appear on your WordPress website. You can easily just play around and get your expected outcome.

Sales Notification

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we have talked about the importance of implementing the FOMO technique for your business and how it can definitely boost your sales rate. So, why don’t you start playing around with the NotificationX Plugin and display amazing Sales Notification on your website?

If you have any feedback, feel free to leave them here in the Comments section. We will surely be in touch.



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