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Easiest solution to quickly redirect your website users to new pages and handle problems of broken links
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Create And Manage 301 Redirects To New Content

Seamlessly pass users from old URLs to newer ones within a few clicks

Redirect Links With Bulk Import And Export Feature

Easily redirect your links in bulk with using import and export feature

Instantly Redirect All Files In A Directory With Wildcards

Use advanced Wildcards to redirect files from one directory to a new one

Advanced Analytics With BetterLinks

Track and analyze click-through rates of your link redirects with BetterLinks

Why Do You Need Simple 301 Redirects?

Check out all the things you can with Simple 301 Redirects plugin for WordPress

Fix Broken URLs With One Click

Redirect your users to a relevant page when you are fixing a broken URL of a specific page

Migrate To A New Website

When you are migrating to a new website redirect visitors from the old website to the new one

Launch Marketing Campaigns

Easily create marketing campaigns with new URLs and redirect your website visitors with easy steps

Redirect Users To New Content

You can redirect visitors from the old blog to the new one to boost the SEO of your newest blog

Permanently Delete A Webpage

When you permanently delete a webpage redirect people to your other pages to keep them on your site

Redirect To Affiliate Links

Use Simple 301 Redirects plugin to effortlessly redirect your website visitors to your affiliate links

Get Started Quickly With Super Easy Setup

Start using Simple 301 Redirects just by following these simple steps

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“The plugin’s name could not be better. It really is simple to do 301 redirects. For example, if you modify the URL of one of your pages, then you can take the old URL and redirect it to the new one. Not only can this keep some SEO value, but it’s good for user experience as well.”
“I like this plugin because: You can quickly create 301 redirects without leaving your WordPress dashboard. It makes it much easier to manage your existing 301 redirects. It’s just plain easier for beginners than digging around the .htaccess file.”

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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I like that it doesn’t have any bells and whistles. It does one thing — redirects — and that’s all I need.


We use this plugin on multiple sites and it works great every time.


I’ve used this plugin for a couple of years now. It works like a charm.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simple 301 Redirects is a WordPress plugin that helps you effortlessly create redirect links for your website and resolve issues of getting ‘404 Not Found’ errors.
If you are getting ‘404 Not Found’ errors, or you need to redirect your visitors away from broken links on your website, then you should use Simple 301 Redirects plugin.
Yes, you can definitely use Simple 301 Redirects for affiliate marketing by creating redirect links. But you cannot preview and analyze the affiliate links with this plugin.

No, your visitors will not notice the redirection and you will not face any backlash regarding webpage traffic.