Highlight Important Blog Content Using Flip Carousel For Elementor

As content creators, we are always looking for new ways to present our content. But given the situation where we need to add a certain level of action to our content but at the same time ensure that it stays a sober one, what do we do?

You can add action to images using EA Flip Carousel for Elementor. And rest assured it will not blow your Image Gallery over the top.

Flip Carousel For Elementor

Do you believe working with plain images limit you in certain ways? Well in fact it does. It is very hard to build an image gallery that looks alive no matter how colorful the images are.

EA Flip Carousel is a strong element for image-based content. This element adds motion to images no matter how dull they are. It lets you add multiple images as sliders. You can label each slider with a distinct name. You will get 4 carousel types to pick from. Furthermore, it is more interactive than you think. Your site visitors can scroll their mouse to interact with the carousel.

So let’s learn how to use the EA Flip Carousel element.

  • First, you need to find the EA Flip Carousel element from the Elementor Side Panel.

  • Then you need to adjust the flip Carousel Settings. The very first thing I did was pick a Carousel Type from the drop-down. There are four different styles for the Carousel- Cover-flow Style,  Carousel Style, Flat Carousel Style, and Wheel Style. Are you finding it hard to picture the styles in your head? Don’t bother with guesswork, you can check out Live Demo before you pick a Carousel style.Click here to see EA Flip Carousel Demo. I am going to use Autoplay and Loop in my Carousel, so let’s keep those toggle bars turned on. And I will not include Navigator in my Carousel so let’s toggle it off.

  • Now its time to add cards for the Carousel. Each and every item on the Carousel will be represented using a Content Card. You can add new card by either duplicating an existing card or creating a completely new one.
  1. Click here to duplicate an existing card.
  2. Click here to remove a card.
  3. Click here to add a new card.
  4. Select and hold to rearrange the cards, highlighted using the rectangle.

  • Then you need to adjust the Cards, let’s take a look inside the Card layout. Each card will have a Slide image field, a Slide Text field, and a Slide Link field. If you don’t find the Slide Link field know that you need to first enable the feature by turning on the toggle bar.

Wrapping Up!

That covers all the essential parts of using the EA Flip Carousel element. Do let us know if you have any further queries regarding this element. In the meantime, we want to ask you if you think it is possible to Design Modern WordPress Sliders Quickly Using Elementor? Don’t rush, read our blog where we show you how to design modern sliders using Elementor and then answer.

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

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