How To Create Global Widget Using Elementor

You may have some content that needs to be displayed on multiple pages- like Testimonials or Team Member. But it is not feasible to keep on creating exactly the same widgets multiple times. It is frustrating! But you can solve this issue using Elementor Global Widget.

Automate Repition

Who doesn’t love automation? Suppose you have a blogging website. And for some reason, you have to include one specific element throughout all the pages on your website. Or maybe, you may have some content that needs to be displayed on multiple pages- like Testimonials or Team Member. How do you do it? By writing some fancy code? How about saving the Element as a draft. Once you save an element it gets automatically included in the Elementor Library. Afterward, you can use this element on any webpage on your website. All you have to do is open the Elementor library, select the element and click insert.

Elementor Global Widget

But wait, there is more to it! Elementor interface is a combination of Sections, Columns and widgets/elements. And among the three, Sections and Elements can be saved for later use as Global widgets. What is Global Widget? This is a special form of Elementor element. In brief, any future changes to a Global Widget will be automatically updated to everywhere it has been used.

Let’s learn first hand how to use Global Widgets. Open your Elementor Editor and drag the element Testimonial inside the interface. I am using the Testimonial element for this illustration because a Testimonial Section can be used across a wide variety of WebPages.

First Step 01: Create a Global Widget

Go ahead and take the liberty to edit the Testimonial Element as you like. After you are done editing the element click on the little pencil icon.


Select the Save as a Global option from the Drop-Down.

Give the Widget a name and hit the Save button.

As soon as you save the widget as a Global widget, you will see the Widget appear inside the Elementor Side Panel. You will also see a Golden Folder icon at the top of the Testimonial Name.

So now it’s time to insert this Global Widget at other parts on your website.

Insert the Global Widget at other Parts of your Website

Let’s assume you have to insert the Testimonial Page at one of the Product Landing Pages on your Website. In the below screenshot you can see a vacant space indicated using an arrow right below the Decor Placement Title. I want to insert the Global Testimonial Widget below the title.

Head over to the Global Section at the Top part of the Elementor Side Panel.

You will see the Global Widgets listed under this Tab. Simply drag the Element and Drop it at your preferred place inside the Elementor Interface.

Done. Now if you want to make any further changes to a Global Widget all you have to do is click on the Edit Global Widget button.

As soon as you click on that Button it will open the Customization options inside the Elementor Side Panel.

Remember, any changes you bring to this Global widget will be applied to every place it has been used on your Website. That’s it. It is this easy to create a Global Widget on Elementor.

Wrapping Up!

There are other parts of a Website that requires to be treated this way, like the Instagram Gallery element. You might want to include it at the Footer Panel of your website on all pages. Try adding an Instagram Gallery at the Footer panel of your Website and do let us know if you need any assistance. We would love to help. And do make sure to come back next week for fresh new blogs on Elementor.

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