Reduce Scroll Time of Lengthy Pages Using Content Toggle & Provide Better User Experience

Interactive content is the only way to engage with your audience and keep them longer on your website. The traffic to your website depends on how interactive and organized your content is. EA Content Toggle is such an element that lets you reduce scroll time of lengthy landing pages or even blog posts.

EA Content Toggle: An Effective Way To Improve UX

Now as we already stated, you can use Elementor Templates as the content for Content Toggle. For example, if you want to give two different Purchase Options on your Website, you can place two CTA Buttons side by side and fuse them together using our EA Content Toggle Button.

You need two different templates which will have only a button and nothing else. After you have created such two Templates, drag and drop the EA Content Toggle inside the ElementorEditor interface.

From the Content settings, select Saved Template as the Content Type. Do it for both the Primary and Secondary Content. After that select the specified templates for the different content types.

For example, in the below screenshot you see a Content Toggle that houses a Normal Purchase and Discount Purchase CTA Buttons. In order to create this Content Toggle, we first created two different EA Creative Button Templates. Then we assigned the two different CTAs to the two different states of the Toggle Button.

Similarly, you can present two different Pricing Plans and fuse them together using the EA Content Toggle Button. If you have a SAAS based service, you might have different tiers of pricing. In fact, you don’t need to be in the SAAS business to have several pricing tiers, all business have multiple pricing plans. Chances are you already have different plans, but maybe are using the traditional way of presenting them.

There can be other applications of the EA Content Toggle element. For example, you can use this element in combination with any of the Services Blocks from Elementor’s Template Library.

After you have picked a Services Template that suits your requirement, you can customize and make two versions of it. Do make sure to save them templates once you are done editing them. After that, you simply have to select Saved Template as the Content Type for both the Primary and Secondary Content type. There can be other combinations as well. Why don’t you brainstorm for a bit and share with us your ideas in the comments section?

Using image as the content type

Another great application of the EA Content Toggle in marketing would be placing two images side by side. For example, you might have two variations of a single product. In that case, instead of placing them inside a gallery or in two different pages, you can fuse the two together using the EA Content Toggle.

Using the Content Toggle Button, your site visitors can easily switch between the two versions of your product. This makes it easy for them to compare the available versions before they pick one. In order to add images to the Toggle Button, you have to first set Image as the Content Type option.

A New Way To Present Content

Now, there is no denying that no one likes lengthy blogs. In fact, no one will read your entire blog if it’s too long. The disappointment is further heightened if your readers land on some information they don’t really need. Something like this is more likely to happen in the Tutorial and How To Blogs. Each Tutorial Blogs has to cover some basic understandings and concepts before jumping straight into the setup process. Maybe some of your readers already know parts of the initial steps. Maybe they also know the requirements and tools they need for that particular Blog. In that case, they don’t need the beginning steps, they would really be relieved if they can jump straight into the later steps.

This is where you can use the EA Content Toggle element to present the content in an interactive way which does not lack in style and design. Using this element, you are not getting rid of the basic understanding and requirements sections. You never know someone might need it. But you are giving your readers, who know some of the basic concepts, the chance to ignore the basics and jump straight into the advanced steps.

This way, you can reduce the length of a blog. And most interestingly, you achieve it not by eliminating and getting rid of certain parts of the content, but presenting them in an interactive manner. And what is the benefit you get when you have short blogs? First, the Scroll time stays low, which is a very good thing. Secondly, you avoid annoying your readers and site- visitors with the information they are not seeking.

Wrapping Up!

Before we wrap up, we want to inform you that you can use any of the three content type options for Content Toggle. Even though we have talked about the Saved Template and Image as Content Type, we haven’t talked much about the third one-Content. This Content type, which comes as the default one gives you a mini WordPress Editor to create content. Using that should not be a problem, as WordPress Editor is very straight forward. Do let us know what other ways we can use the EA Content Toggle element and let us know in the comments section.

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

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