multilingual website on wordpress

[Update] Create A Multilingual WordPress Website With Flexia & WPML

A multilingual WordPress website becomes essential when your target audience is from different countries. With the help of WPML - the most popular multilingual plugin, WordPress users can create stunning multilingual websites at any time. In order to translate the interface as well as the content within WordPress, you need a multilingual WordPress theme. And here is the good news,…

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Create Newspaper website

Complete Guide to Create Newspaper Website In 5 Minutes

When was the last time you read a newspaper? Now, most people get their news from newspaper websites. In today’s advanced digitalized world, the best strategy is to create newspaper website to get more exposure. It’s not that much hard to create a new news website quickly to keep up with this rapidly evolving world when you have the instant solution. Today we’ll guide…

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create WordPress Charity website

How To Make A Charity Website On WordPress Within 5 Minutes

To achieve your nonprofit organization's goals, creating a charity website is a great way to gain recognition for your cause. Unlike the big guys like the Red Cross or WHO, who can hire an entire team to create their charity websites, most local organizations lack the resources to do so. But it’s not always necessary to have a giant budget to…

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schedule from elementor

[NEW] SchedulePress 4.1.0 : Now Schedule From Elementor Editor

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could directly schedule from Elementor editor? This is now possible if you use SchedulePress to manage your WordPress posts. Introducing SchedulePress 4.1.0 - it will now let you schedule WordPress posts and pages from Elementor editor. SchedulePress Is Now Fully Elementor Compatible 🥳Elementor is the most popular website builder available in WordPress repository with 5 million+…

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WordPress block pattern

How to Create Your Own WordPress Block Patterns & Reuse In Gutenberg Editor

WordPress block patterns were introduced with the release of WordPress 5.5, and they can be used to quickly create gorgeous pages and WordPress websites. You can browse the pattern directory to see all of the Gutenberg block layouts that will be included with WordPress 5.8. This blog will show you how to make your own Gutenberg block patterns and reuse…

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