We Recreated Apple.com Home Page With Essential Addons For Elementor!

We literally created Apple.com Homepage, with Elementor & our Essential Addons for Elementor in 30-min, and now you will be able to do in 1 Min! How? We are sharing the templates with you for free, so you could just import and it will be live where you want, and you will have all the freedom of WordPress & Elementor to edit & customize more if you want!



Well, it all started me traveling to Singapore in a very late night flight, checking Twitter, and found this Tweet from 999th most Important Matt, that he created Apple Homepage for $500! (Obviously joke)


But he claimed to do it in Beaver Builder, with all due respect to their talented developer, here at WPDeveloper, we are a big fan of Elementor, so I pinged our main guy, (My partner, and CEO of WPDevloper), Rupok, is it possible to do it? He said he could do it in 30min, I challenged him to make that and share with me. And you know what happened after I came back from little shopping & Brunch in Orchard Road? He sent me this!

Check the demo here – https://essential-addons.com/elementor/apple-homepage-design-with-elementor/


And it’s fully done in Elemetor! With Elementor free version, Rupok used EA Advanced Menu, from our Essential Addons for Elementor Pro Suites!


You could use this tutorial to know how to import Template in Elementor. Here is a full-screen version –


Disclaimer: This page is designed only to showcase the power of Elementor Page Builder. It’s not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Apple and Apple is not responsible for it. All content/graphics copyright belongs to Apple.

Here you could download the Template, but make sure you have Elementor & Essential Addons installed!


M Asif Rahman

M Asif Rahman

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