How To Create Dual-Color Headline To Make Your Blog Stand Out Using Elementor

According to a survey, there are roughly 152 Million Blogs on the internet. And it was back in 2013, today that number might have doubled. What does that tell us? It tells us that how competitive it is to get a good view count on a Blog.

As bloggers, we always try to write about new and interesting things. And many of us make the mistake of thinking no one else might think of covering the same topic. Despite how unimportant it might seem, this simple inflated notion of uniqueness can completely sabotage your blogging career. Know this, if you look deep enough you will find thousands of blogs that talk about the same thing as you are. And it is very likely that they might also have the same wording and writing style.

Stand Out In The Crowd

Now like every aspiring Blogger, you might also want to stand out from the crowd. But how do you do that? Let’s list out the blogging elements that we can manipulate to get higher ranking and stand out. Now, of course, you can work on the build-up and wording of the blog to make it stand out. But to know that you have used a different form of wording, your readers would have to read your blog first. Is there any way you can persuade more people to read your blog?

One great way to entice more people to read your blog is to make it eye-catchy. You might want to use a Great Title along with a Sub-Title. Also, you might even want to use an Icon that captures what you are trying to say in the Heading. Luckily there is one element for Elementor that lets you do all three.

Colorful Heading

The EA Dual Color Headline element lets you create amazing layouts for your Header as well as use two different colors for it. The first thing you would want to do from the Content Settings is set the layout for the Dual Color Headline. The element holds a Title, Sub-Text, and an Icon. From the Content Style option, you can pick a certain arrangement for the three elements.

Content For the Dual Color Headline

Now when using the EA Dual Color Headline you have three places where you can place text and one place where you can use an icon. Use a relevant Icon from the Drop-Down Menu. There are a handful of Icons available which eliminates the need for creating a custom Icon.

Then move on to adding the Sub-Text. Try to word the Sub-text in a way that complements your Title. Here is a little trick for you, before inputting the content make sure you write down multiple Sub-texts and Titles. Then sort the most suitable content by using them in pairs. And it isn’t a must that you use only one pair. You can use all of the pairs across your blog. Place the most striking one as the first Heading. Then use the other ones in between your blog depending on the subject matter of the section.

Now the last thing you should do is place a Sub-Text. Now, if for any particular reason you find it hard to express your message using just text, then you can always include an image as the Sub-Text. In fact, you can use both an Image and a complementary Text as the Sub-Text.

Using It With An Elementor Template

If you are using EA Dual Color Headline along with an Elementor Template, make sure you pick a Background Color that matches all the sections of the page. Now how do you do that?

Instead of tweaking with the Background Color Pallet, you can simply copy the color code and paste it inside the Background Color field.

Words Can Make A Difference

You will fail to generate the expected outcome from using the EA Dual Color Headline if you don’t use the Font Family and Size that complements the Message. Now, remember there are only Two Text entries the Title and Sub-Text. You can adjust the Font Family, Size, Color, Line-Spacing for both the text entries separately. Click on the Pencil Icon to open the Typography option.

Wrapping Up!

The EA Dual Color Headline lets you use a Title, a Sub-Text, and an Icon to create a powerful Heading for your Blog. Remember, you can set the relative position of the three elements inside the layout from a drop-down. Also, know that you are not limited to using the element only once in your blog. You can use the element as many times as you want throughout your blog.

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya

Afshana Diya is CMO at WPDeveloper. She is helping the company to create a dynamic team and sustainable business from the scratch. When she is offline from the digital world, she must be traveling to find natural beauty in remote places.

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