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Benefits to a WPDeveloper Affiliate

You will be paid in full, even if you make only one sale

Monitor Your Performance

You will get access to real-time stats on how much sales you are generating, your commissions and your payment history.

Get Access to Advertisement Kit

We will provide you with a variety of Banners and Logos of each of our Plugins

Receive Monthly Payment

We will pay you at Net-30 Basis, by 10th of the following month.The payment will be made via PayPal.

Do's and Don'ts for an WPDeveloper Affiliate Partner

Avoid desperation for making affiliate sales, stick to solid strategies. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts to get you started

  • Create Videos for YouTube or other video sharing platforms.

  • Prepare Educational Material for on MOOC platforms.

  • Promote our Plugins on Social Media.

  • Write Blogs about our Plugins.

  • Promote our Plugins via Mail.

  • Use our Banner and Logo inside your content.

  • Do not distort the facts to get more sells.

  • Avoid misrepresenting the benefits of using our Plugins to get more sells.

  • Do not use your own Affiliate Link to make

  • Purchases for personal use.

  • Do not share your Affiliate Link in Discount and Coupon listing sites.

  • Do not share unofficial discount offers.


Never hesitate to reach out to us regarding any queries you might have

It’s not hard at all. Just don’t fake any information in your Application.

You will be paid when you reach at least $100 in your affiliate commission, and the Net-30 rules will be applied always. Considering the amount of affiliate we have we had to put this threshold.

We save customer browsing data for 45 days.

Once you submit your Application, we will go through it. As soon as the verification is complete you will be notified via Mail.

You will get paid on Net-30 basis, and by 10th of the following month. Means if you make over $100 in January(including past unpaid commissions), you will be paid your Affiliate Commission by 10th March. This is due to deal with our refund policy.

The payment is directly Performance Based hence the Tier based Payment.

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